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Beijing Imports of Fresh Salmon Explode as Inspection System Distribution Improves

Date 20-Dec-2016
Subject Beijing Imports of Fresh Salmon Explode as Inspection System Distribution Improves

Beijing’s import of fresh salmon increased by over twenty times in 2016 thanks to the new policies of the local inspection and quarantine bureau.

Beijing has imported 3,705 tons of fresh salmon from this January to November. The number is 24 times of the total import in 2015. This results from the new policies of Beijing Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau this year. For example, it takes only one day for the imported salmon to finish customs clearance now, which cuts the cost by 5 yuan for one-kilo salmon.
Fresh salmon is served as high-end food in restaurants and it is widely received among Chinese consumers. And Beijing has become one of the main salmon markets during the past few years. However, its import of fresh salmon has stayed at low levels because of long-period customs clearance. It only imported 154 tons of fresh salmon in 2015 and the number is about 0.4% of China’s total salmon import, said Feng from the bureau. There is a great gap between market demand and supply.
Beijing’s annual demand of fresh salmon is about 1,500 tons, said Li, the purchasing manager of Sunkfa. The group is the main importer of fresh salmon in Beijing..


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