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Adobe Lightroom For Android Updated With Option To Import RAW Files From Camera

Date 10-Nov-2016
Subject Adobe Lightroom For Android Updated With Option To Import RAW Files From Camera

Good news for Android users who prefer to edit their pictures on the go, as Adobe has just released a new update for Lightroom, which improves some of the features that make this app great.

Before going into details, it's worth mentioning that many Lightroom users have been complaining about the fact that they can't import photos from their cameras on their Android devices in order to to some further editing.

In order bring pictures from a camera, users had to convert files to DNG via a third-party app, and then import them to Lightroom for editing. Well, this issue has been addressed, as the newest update makes it easier to import photos from cameras directly to Lightroom.

Adobe has just announced that Lightroom version 2.2 brings the option to connect a camera directly to the Android device with a USB OTG (on-the-go) cable, select the desired photos and import them directly into the Android application.

Afterwards, you can easily sync all your Lightroom photos with all other devices. Make sure though that you check out the full list of supported cameras, but most of the recent ones are fully compatible with the new import features added in Lightroom.

If you haven't yet tried out Adobe Lightroom for Android you can go ahead and download it if you have a device powered by Android 4.1 or newer. Also, it's free of charge.


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