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China Tops Coir Imports From India

Date 14-May-2014
Subject China Tops Coir Imports From India

Coir exports from India has grown 32% in 2013-14 on value terms, according to G. Balachandran, chairman, Coir Board. India exported 537,040 tones of coir and coir based products, valued at Rs 1476 crore. In the previous financial year, total export was 429,501 tones valued at Rs 1116 crore. Accordingly, 25% rise was recorded in the volume of coir based products, he added.

Export of Coir yarn recorded 59% rise at Rs 329 crore, while export coir pith increased 38% at Rs 342 crore. He said that the growth in the export of coir yarn to China was tremendous during last financial year.

Interestingly, during last financial year China became the biggest importer of coir based products from India, surpassing America. Of the total receipts from exports 24.42% was from China. On the quantity front 36% was to China alone. During 2013-14, a total of 192,110 tones of coir products, valued at Rs 360.5 crore were shipped to China. USA had imported 55,091 tones of coir based products, valued at Rs 300 crore. India had exported products to 103 countries during 2013-14.

Chairman expressed concern over the sharp increase in the shipment of coir yarn to China. China mainly uses this yarn to manufacture value added products and export to other countries, including India. Tamil Nadu produces 60% of the total coir yarn, but a little is used for making value added products. This curtails India’s opportunities in the global markets, where demand is increasing for natural fibre based products. India misses the opportunity of exporting value added products in the world market, which is mainly dominated by countries like Sri Lanka and China.

Kerala, which is a leading destination for coir based products has lost its sheen in the export market over the last four years. In 2009 -10, Kerala had contributed 27% in the total volume of exports and 67% in the value, now dropped to 14 and 52% respectively, he said. Kerala had exported 73,665 tones of products valued at Rs 709.58 crore in 2013-14.

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