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APM Terminals Mumbai - Leading the way Safely and Efficiently for serving the Export Import Trade

Date 18-December-2014
Subject APM Terminals Mumbai - Leading the way Safely and Efficiently for serving the Export Import Trade

MUMBAI : APM Terminals Mumbai has always strived towards serving India’s Export Import Trade through implementation of initiatives which facilitate faster turnaround of cargo along with safe, efficient and reliable operations.

The terminal introduced the “e-Form 13”, a process that has eased business by providing Shipping Lines with faster access and mobility. The earlier practice of Shipping Lines physically collecting Form-13 from the terminal and distributing amongst co-loaders has been replaced by a web interface that gives Shipping Lines full control over export containers arriving by road enabling ‘virtual’ dissemination to concerned parties.

Further, the E -Form 13 can be accessed from any place, at any given time with no additional costs.

This transparency helps an end-user having a VIA Number, Confirmed Booking Number and Container number to key in details through the company’s website and view the required document. Prior knowledge on number of containers to be gated-in for a particular service has also assisted in enhancing the throughput by road.

Working in conjunction with JN Port and CISF, checking and verifying container seals for GTI bound containers has recently been stopped by CISF at the terminal’s gates. GTI has now deployed security guards at separate locations to check the seals prior to gate-in/out containers, enabling faster gate movements and turnaround of cargo.

Further, the terminal has digitalized the Gate Survey process and has thus virtually gone Paperless for its transactions.

Since implementation of the new processes, APM Terminals Mumbai is handling an average of 5,000 TEUs+ against the previous daily throughput of 4,000 TEUs via its gates.

The terminal recently recorded its highest monthly gate throughput handling 142,814 TEUS in November 2014 against an average of 130,000 TEUS. These initiatives have resulted in faster gate movements enabling quicker turnaround of Tractor Trailors.

The terminal has also displayed an exceptional performance on its quayside. On 3rd November, the team completed 4,001 moves in less than 19 hours on the China India Express (CIX) service with a berth productivity of 205 moves per hour with no compromise on Safety.

Mr. Ravi Gaitonde, Chief Operating Officer says, “At APM Terminals Mumbai we are committed to service the Export Import trade and the above said initiatives is one more step in that direction. We will always strive for Customer Delight”.

APM Terminals Mumbai is the only Indian terminal to figure in the Journal of Commerce (JOC) list of Global Top Five productive container terminals in the world (For the Vessel sizes upto 9,000 TEUs). The JOC study has used data from over 150,000 port calls, evaluating the individual performances of 483 ports and 771 terminals.

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