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Last updated on 31-Aug-2018

Details of Indian Import Data of Dip Tea

Seair Exim solutions provide a free access to the most updated & relevant Indian import data of Dip Tea. It is a one page stop solution to get a customized report of product of your choice. This list of Dip Tea import data can be utilized to know the pricing, tariff, unit, quantity, duty optimization and current market scenario.

Some sample records of Dip Tea import data of India are listed below. Simply dial +91-11-41325515 to get free sample and detailed pricing report.

Date Indian Port CTH Item Description Quantity UQC U.P.USD Assess USD C O O Duty
18-Nov-2016 kolkata air cargo 49021020 books (diplomatic cargo) (for teaching german language) 59 KGS 12.66 747.23 germany
18-Nov-2016 kolkata air cargo 49011010 magazine (diplomatic cargo)(magazines for teaching german language) 5.3 KGS 1.27 6.71 germany
27-Oct-2016 kolkata air cargo 49011010 books (for teaching german language) (diplomatic cargo) 94.6 KGS 12.46 1179.04 germany
26-Oct-2016 chennai air cargo 84734090 atm parts- bracket dip pressurization base 445-0721127-a kt000339 teadr 25.62 15 NOS 1.52 22.87 hungary
20-Oct-2016 patparganj 39269099 teat dip cup, non return (parts of milking machinery) 2000 SET 0.96 1914.31 china
01-Oct-2016 bangalore 39269099 silicone tea dip strirrer assorted shapes 2.4 KGS 42.68 102.43 china
01-Oct-2016 kolkata air cargo 49011010 printed book (for teaching german language) (diplomatic ) 81.8 KGS 5.53 452.57 germany
22-Sep-2016 tughlakabad 21069099 diplomatic goods infusion tea - assorted variants e.c no 03/tt/02/2016 dt.26.08.2016 mea no. 1125 dt 30.08.2016 34 NOS 15.41 524.02 united kingdom
15-Sep-2016 kolkata air cargo 49011010 german language books & brochurs (book, for teaching germanlanguage) (diplomatic cargo) 37.3 KGS 2.02 75.36 germany
14-Sep-2016 nhava sheva sea 94036000 diplomatic goods (furniture) - tea table 5 PCS 911.08 4555.41 china
09-Sep-2016 tughlakabad 19024090 different kind of grocery - chocolate, pasta, biscuit, rusk, coffee, tea biscuits, candies,cake, baby food, etc. - dipl 655 BOX 18.74 12272.97 france
07-Sep-2016 delhi air cargo 82159900 stc: ice tong, water pitcher, sugar bowl, creamer set, coffee pot, tea pot & server (diplomatic cargo) 3 NOS 545.72 1637.16 united states
11-Aug-2016 patparganj 34022020 003893 filmadine liquid teat dip(cleaning prepration) 2190 KGS 1.80 3948.31 france
03-Aug-2016 kolkata air cargo 49011010 printed books (books for teaching german language)(diplomatic cargo) 29.3 KGS 15.82 463.53 germany
08-Jul-2016 chennai sea 69149000 diplomatic official cargo-japanese sado (tea ceremony bowls) 3 NOS 176.95 530.84 japan
13-Jun-2016 delhi air cargo 69120020 tea & coffee set (6case) diplomatic goods) 6 NOS 542.22 3253.29 china
16-May-2016 bangalore 39269099 silicone tea dip stirrer (assorted shape) 8.2 KGS 21.92 179.76 china
10-May-2016 mundra 09024040 twining dip tea (4x20) 77 CTN 1.65 126.71 united kingdom
10-May-2016 kolkata air cargo 49011010 printed books (books for teaching computer & german language) (diplomatic cargo) 49.3 KGS 18.98 935.71 germany
10-May-2016 mundra 09024040 twining dip tea (4x20) 77 CTN 1.65 126.71 united kingdom

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