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Indian Custom Import Duty of HS Code 8714 PARTS ACCESSORIES VEHICLES

Custom Duty Section Code
Section Codes Section Description
Section-17 Chapter (86 to 89) – Section XVII - Vehicles, Aircraft, Vessels and Associated Transport Equipment
Custom Duty Chapter Code
Chapter Codes Chapter Description
Chapter- 87 Vehicles other than Railway or Tramway Rolling-stock, and Parts and Accessories thereof
Custom Duty Heading Code
Chapter Heading Heading Description
Custom Duty HS Codes
Hs Codes Description View Custom Duty
871410 Of motorcycles (including mopeds):
87141010 Saddles
87141090 Other
871420 Of carriages for disabled persons:
87142010 Mechanically propelled
87142020 Non-mechanically propelled
87142090 Other
87149100 Frames and forks, and parts thereof
871492 Wheel rims and spokes :
87149210 Bicycle rims
87149220 Bicycle spokes
87149290 Other
871493 Hubs, other than coaster braking hubs and hub brakes, and free-wheel sprocket-wheels:
87149310 Bicycle hubs
87149320 Bicycle free-wheels
87149390 Other
87149400 Brakes, including coaster braking hubs and hub brakes, and parts thereof
871495 Saddles :
87149510 Bicycle saddles
87149590 Other
87149600 Pedals and crank-gear, and parts thereof
871499 Other :
87149910 Bicycle chains
87149920 Bicycle wheels
87149990 Other

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