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Indian Custom Import Duty of HS Code 2530 MINERAL SUBSTANCES

Custom Duty Section Code
Section Codes Section Description
Section-05 Chapter (25 to 27) – Section V - Mineral Products
Custom Duty Chapter Code
Chapter Codes Chapter Description
Chapter- 25 Salt; Sulphur; Earths and Stone; Plastering Materials, Lime and Cement
Custom Duty Heading Code
Chapter Heading Heading Description
Custom Duty HS Codes
Hs Codes Description
253010 Vermiculite, perlite and chlorites, unexpanded: View Custom Duty
25301010 Vermiculite View Custom Duty
25301020 Perlite View Custom Duty
25301090 Others (including powder) View Custom Duty
25302000 Kieserite, epsomite (natural magnesium sulphates) View Custom Duty
253090 Other: View Custom Duty
25309010 Meerschaum (whether or not in polished pieces) and amber agglomerated; meerachaum and agglomerated amber in plates, rods, etc., not worked after moulding jet View Custom Duty
25309020 Natural arsenic sulphides (such as orpiment) View Custom Duty
25309030 Calcite View Custom Duty
25309040 Ores and concentrates of rare earth metals View Custom Duty
25309050 Wollastonite View Custom Duty
25309060 Earth colour ochre, crude View Custom Duty
25309070 Other processed earth colour ochre View Custom Duty
25309091 Strontium sulphate (natural ore) View Custom Duty
25309099 Other View Custom Duty

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