33/2000-C.E. (N.T.), dated 7-4-2000


No. 33/2000-CE(NT)

New Delhi, the 7th April, 2000

CENVAT – Proforma for invoice prescribed – Rule 57AE

In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-rule (4) of rule 52AA of the Central Excise Rules, 1944 the Central Board of Excise and Customs hereby specifies the following details which an invoice issued by a registered person under said sub-rule (4) shall contain, namely:-

    1. particulars mentioned in the Annexure given below;
    2. colours of the invoice shall be white, pink, yellow and green, respectively, for original, duplicate, triplicate and quadruplicate copies thereof;
    3. first and last copy of the invoice book shall be pre-authenticated by the jurisdictional Range Superintendent of Central Excise:
    4. Provided that the invoice generated on computer shall not be pre-authenticated;

    5. the invoice shall be pre-printed, containing name, address and Central Excise registration number of the registered person issuing the invoice, name of the Range or Division or Commissionerate in whose jurisdiction such person is registered, and the Income-tax and Sales-tax registration number.


Proforma for issue of invoice under rule 57AE

Invoice No.

  1. (a) Name and address of registered person issuing the invoice:

(b) (i) Central Excise registration No.                          :

(ia) Entry & Page No. in RG-23D                                :

(ii) Sales Tax registration No.                                     :

(iii) Permanent Income-tax No. and GIR No., if any       :

(c) (i) Full postal address of Range                              :

(ii) Name of Division and Commissionerate                   :

(d) Description of goods                                              :

(e) Identification marks and numbers                            :

(f) Quantity                                                                 :

(Nos./Weight/Litre/Metre                                              :

(g) Value in Rupees (in words and figures)                     :

(h)     (i) Rate of duty                                                   :

(ii) Amount of duty per unit

(iii) Amount of duty involved in the quantity at [Serial No. 1(f) in words and figures]

(i) Date and time of issue of invoice                               :

(j) Date and time of removal of goods                             :

(k) Mode of transport and vehicle No.                             :

  1. (a) (i) Name and address of the Consignee

(ii) Central Excise Registration No.

(iii) Name of Range/Division/Commissionerate

  1. Name and address of the buyer, if he is not consignee:
  2. (a) (i) Name and address of the supplier of goods if he is not manufacturer/importer

(ii) Central Excise Registration No.

(iii) Full Postal address of Range

(b) Invoice No. 
(c) Entry and page No. in R.G. 23D corresponding to invoices at (b) above 

      5.(a) (i) Name and address of manufacturer / importer

(ii) Central Excise Registeration No.

(iii) Full postal Address of Range.

(b) Invoice No./Bill of Entry No.
(c) [Description of goods, tariff classification and sub-heading No.]

Identification marks and numbers
(e) Quantity


(f) Assessable value in Rupees (in words and figures)

(g) (i) Rate of duty

(ii) Amount of duty per unit

(iii) Amount of duty paid (both in words and figures):


Certified that the goods covered under this invoice were:-

(a) imported directly by us or received directly from M/s. (name and full address) who have imported the said goods.

(b) Received directly from the factory/depot/consignment agent/authorized premises of M/s. (name and full address); or

(c) Received from M/s. (name and full address) who are the first stage dealer of M/s. (name and full address)



Signature of Registered Person

(Name and designation with company/firm’s seal/stamp)

strike out whichever is not applicable.

Note: The particulars mentioned in Si. No. 1(e), (j), 2(k) if not known at the time of issue of invoice may be filled at the time of despatch of the goods from the godown.

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