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Sample Report for Indian Export Data of Aspartic Acid

SEAIR Exim Solutions is a global trade data provider. This is the best source to collect a detailed and customized sample report of export data of Aspartic Acid. It provides limited records of exported items like customs duty, unit, net weight, description, pricing etc..

Few records have mentioned below, Simply make a call at 011-41325515 to collect a free sample report now!.

Date Indian Port CTH Item Description Quantity UQC U.P.USD FOB USD Destination Port Country Duty
11-Nov-2016 bombay air cargo 98020000 lab chemical - l-aspartic acid for biochemistry 3 PAC 3.51 10.53 baku azarbaijan
11-Nov-2016 bombay air cargo 98020000 lab chemical -l-aspartic acid for biochemistry 7 PAC 3.51 24.57 baku azarbaijan
18-Oct-2016 bombay air cargo 38220090 laboratory reagents 1570 - dl-aspartic acid pure 99% 6 NOS 13.00 78.00 nairobi kenya
03-Oct-2016 bombay air cargo 98020000 laboratory chemicals l-aspartic acid ( for biochemistry) (100 gm) 1 PCS 0.68 0.68 addis ababa ethiopia
23-Jun-2016 delhi air cargo 29333990 laboratory reagents-certified referencematerial aspartic acid(qty in vails) 4 NOS 253.14 1012.56 istanbul turkey
22-Jun-2016 hyderabad air cargo 29371900 linaclotide aspartic acid impurity(pharmaceutical analysis purpose) 0.05 GMS 100.00 5.00 new york united states
19-Jun-2016 hyderabad air cargo 29242990 n-fmoc-l-aspartic acid 4-tert-butyl ester, 98% 25 GMS 4.37 109.13 singapore singapore
17-Jun-2016 bombay air cargo 38220090 laboratory reagents- -l-aspartic acid 99+% 6 NOS 3.39 20.36 bogota united states
03-Mar-2016 bombay air cargo 29224990 laboratory chemicals- l-aspartic acid 0.025 KGS 39.99 1.00 bangkok thailand
10-Feb-2016 bangalore 29232090 l-aspartic acid 2 NOS 40.01 80.03 hamburg germany
10-Feb-2016 chennai sea 98020000 laboratory chemicals: l- aspartic acid 200 GMS 0.04 8.60 rades/tunis tunisia
28-Dec-2015 bombay air cargo 38220090 laboratory reagents 1571 - l-aspartic acid 99+% 5 NOS 3.33 16.65 tunis tunisia
18-Dec-2015 bombay air cargo 29224990 l-aspartic acid laboratory chemicals 0.6 KGS 37.83 22.70 ho chi minh c vietnam

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